Workstation set-up support

DSE Assessment Sheet

Below are the two guidelines which should be adhered to by all to ensure that our way of working runs as smoothly as possible:

IT helpdesk contact details:

  • Free phone: 020 3816 3630

Workstation assessments

Display screen equipment (DSE) is any device or equipment that has a graphic display, such as computers or laptops. Our jobs often involve sitting at a desk using computers/ laptops for long periods. It is important that your workstation is set up properly to prevent discomfort and injury while at work.

A DSE assessment can help you to identify any issues or changes needed with your personal work space to ensure you can work comfortably.

All members of staff should complete a self-assessment, using the image above as guidance.  You should then discuss this form and any issues arising with your manager.  All managers will also ensure that new staff complete a self-assessment when they join the CCG.

A full workstation assessment is also available through our occupational health provider. Please contact your manager or the designated HR Business Partner for your Directorate to arrange this.