Workforce re-alignment

In November 2020, NHSE/I published an ‘Integrating Care’ paper, which sets out a renewed ambition for greater collaboration between partners in health and care systems. The CCG fed back on the proposals in January.

In order to ensure stability of service delivery and the business continuity required to deliver our CCG priorities in the immediate term, the Executive Management Team has been considering how best to realign our workforce to Executive Directors’ areas of responsibility.

Over the last few months, EMT has engaged with staff and unions regarding these realignment arrangements. I would like to confirm and reassure you that EMT balanced the requirement to meet organisational priorities with minimising, as far as possible, disruption for staff during this transitional period.

We are pleased to confirm that this process is now complete, following a thorough review process and a number of discussions with Directorates, teams and1:1 conversations with individuals, where appropriate.

All staff have been aligned to the respective Executive Director on the basis of their substantive roles and responsibilities. The realignment process is not a restructure - and therefore substantive roles, responsibilities and current Agenda for Change bandings remain unchanged. Priorities will remain focused on business need and will be discussed and agreed between managers and staff on a day-to-day basis. Where staff are on secondment oracting up arrangements are currently in place, these will continue until their end dates.

All staff should have now received a personal letter, sent out from HR on behalf of EMT. This letter confirms the Executive Director, Director and Directorate and where applicable any dotted line arrangements to another Directorate.  If you did not receive this on 4 February, or you believe the re-alignment arrangements detailed within the letter are not correct, please contact the NCL HR Transition Team -

The HR team is now working with Executive Directors and Directors to produce structure charts for each Directorate as quickly as possible, to share with you all.




HR drop-in sessions:

  • HR drop-in slots are available for staff to book if they have any individual questions or would like any information on the HR process
  • Dates and times are published here

Wellbeing Support:

  • Available via the Employee Assistance Programme
  • The health and wellbeing support that has been rolled out nationally from NHSE/I continues to be available to staff during this time.
  • Full details about what is offered from EAP and NHSE/I is available on the Intranet.

The Executive Management Team is committed to providing as much clarity and detail as possible as we move forward with the re-alignment. It is recognised that this will mean an ongoing period of change, following a difficult 2020. The Executive Team is also committed to minimising disruption and anxiety during this national change process.

Any future changes related to the wider NHS direction of travel mean for our staff will be carefully considered.

In addition to the existing support available to staff, staff are encouraged to discuss what support they would find most helpful during this time with their line managers and Directors.

The FAQs in this document have been grouped into the following sections: 

  • Workforce Re-alignment
  • Line Management Arrangements
  • Office Location
  • Staff on secondments/fixed term contracts/interim arrangements
  • Recruitment to posts during the transition programme
  • Staff support.