Staff Survey

The annual NHS Staff Survey was conducted between October and December 2020, and we had a good response rate of 69%.

There has been an overall decline across the NHS in positive responses compared to previous years. This has largely been attributed to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has brought. In response to this, EMT is committed to driving improvement across a range of areas and will undertake action planning to ensure this is achieved. Moving forward, more information will be shared about how staff can be involved in this process.

This presentation provides a breakdown of results showing how our CCG performed compared nationally to other CCGs and how each directorate performed. The 24 March staff briefing slides also analyse the results, and these can be viewed here. 

Our action plan

A corporate action plan has been developed to address the CCG-wide gaps and issues that were identified from the results of the 2020 national staff survey results.

You can read the Corporate Staff Survey Action Plan here. 

Progress against the actions will be updated regularly and shared on the intranet, in the staff newsletter and in staff briefings.

Updates on actions