North Central London CCG is committed to organisational, team and personal development. The performance of every member of staff contributes to the overall success of the organisation, so it is important that everyone is encouraged to perform to the best of their ability whilst having the appropriate support in place.

The appraisal process provides a structured framework for effective conversations to:

  • ​Look back and review key achievements in line with objectives that were set during the previous appraisal review meeting
  • Ensure staff are clear about their role and responsibilities, what is expected of them and how their work fits into the objectives of the team and organisation
  • Ensure staff are clear about their objectives for the coming year and how they will achieve them
  • Discuss and identify support, learning and development activities that may help meet objectives and record this on the Performance Development Plan (PDP)
  • Have the opportunity to discuss career aspirations and plans

To be effective, it is essential that the appraisal process is jointly owned by each member of staff and their line manager.

We would like to encourage all CCG staff and managers to use the appraisal module on the Workforce System for the appraisal cycle to record objectives and the performance development plans.

Key dates of the CCG’s 12 month appraisal cycle are:

  • May-June 2021 - appraisal meeting – end-of-year review/setting objectives for the year ahead and identifying personal development needs
  • July 2021– September 2021: ongoing review and conversations
  • October 2021- November-2021-Mid-Year Appraisal review  
  • December 2021 – March 2022 – ongoing review and conversations  
  • April - May 2022 - appraisal meeting - end-of-year review/setting objectives for the year ahead and identifying personal development needs

As part of rolling out the Appraisal module on Workforce and given the importance placed on all CCG staff being compliant with statutory and mandatory training, we have included a core objective for all staff relating to ongoing compliance of all statutory/mandatory training. This will appear automatically in the objective setting section on Workforce.

In addition to the one objective relating to compliance of all statutory/mandatory training, we encourage all staff to have a minimum of three and a maximum of eight objectives.