Working with people and communities

North Central London ICS is committed to hearing and acting upon the voice of our local communities, and putting resident and patient voice at the heart of all that we do.

We are committed to ensuring there is equitable access for all of the diverse NCL population and recognise that certain communities face specific barriers to accessing health and social care services and will often seek support through their local community first.

We work extensively with patients and residents and as we become an ICS we are committed more than ever to ensuring that we are actively involving our communities in our planning and decision making, working with communities in a more equitable way to ensure the best outcomes for all.

As part of this commitment we have developed two strategies; ‘Working with People and Communities,’ and ‘Working with the VCSE.’ These will be published in July and available publicly on our website once we formally become an ICS.

As an organisation we are increasingly working in partnership with Healthwatch, the VCSE, and our communities. It is important the CCG maintains a clear picture of all our community research and involvement activity, and that we adopt consistent, best practice approaches when doing so. We have recently developed a system to enable us as an organisation to have a better understanding of the multiple ways we work with our residents and our VCSE and to ensure we are consistent in our approach. We have asked staff who have a project underway that the communications and engagement team is not currently linked into, involving Healthwatch, VCSE or patient/resident representatives to complete the project request form, or to contact the Comms and Engagement Team prior to reaching out to Healthwatch, the VCSE or our residents.

We are continuing to produce a number of policies and guides to support our commissioning teams and staff when working with our communities. Our engagement and consultation guides can be found here and we will shortly be publishing our new Reward and Recognition Policy to support fair and equitable inclusion of residents and patients in our work.

This year we will be offering further information and support sessions for staff around engagement, consultation and working well with our VCSE. Detail of these will be available to staff in April.

If you have any questions about the engagement and involvement work we do, or want any help or advice please contact the Comms and Engagement team by emailing

For any new engagement/communications project requests please complete our project request form.