Priorities and Values

Our 2021/22 NCL CCG priorities and also a set of organisational values have now been published.


The ten key priorities outlined in this document reflect key areas of work that the CCG needs to ensure additional focus on, capacity for, and delivery of, in 2021/22. It is not an exhaustive list of all CCG important activity including and is complemented by a range of ‘business as usual’ activity.

The headline CCG priorities for 2021/22 fall into four main categories: Covid-19, corporate support, strategic commissioning and future transition.

The priorities are key to both our work as a CCG and as part of an integrated care system (ICS) in North Central London.


  • Support the ongoing response to Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination programme.
  • Support system recovery and strengthen both Urgent Care and Integrated Urgent Care.

Corporate support

  • Provide robust support to, and development of, our workforce – including through change.
  • Tackle discrimination and embrace equality and diversity through our workforce.
  • Maintain strong financial vigilance.

Strategic commissioning

  • Undertake key strategic commissioning reviews (Community Services, Mental Health and Children, Young People & Maternity Services).
  • Embed and deliver the commissioning pipeline.
  • Tackle health inequalities and strengthen the system approach to population / place-based health and care management.
  • Embed robust approach to complex individualised commissioning and deliver the continuing healthcare recovery programme.

Future transition

  • Prepare for the formal transition to an Integrated Care System and further development of Integrated Care Partnerships.

The NHS Constitution (2015) is founded on a common set of principles and values. The NHS values provide common ground for co-operation to achieve shared aspirations for staff that work in the NHS and the communities and people it serves.

Having a set of shared values is critical in setting out our standards and commitment to staff and other stakeholders as an organisation.

84% of NCL staff in the 2020 staff survey felt it was important for the CCG to have a set of shared values.

Work has been undertaken, including extensive engagement with staff, to develop a set of seven organisation values – with supporting statements aligned to each value. The Engaging our People Forum has played a key role in developing the set – taking into account the NHS Constitution values, the legacy CCG values and values of other NHS organisations across NCL.

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