NCL staff transfer consultation

The formal 30-day consultation on the transfer of NCL CCG staff to NCL ICB concluded on Friday 27 May. The consultation process was undertaken in accordance with NCL CCG’s Change Management Policy, NHS E/I’s HR Framework, and the national employment commitment that mandates a ‘lift and shift’ approach for all CCG staff (below board level) from the CCG to the ICB.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged and provided feedback during the consultation process. As staff will be aware, during the consultation period, we received confirmation of the completion of the parliamentary process and Royal Assent to establish Integrated Care Bodies on 1 July 2022. In turn, staff will be formally advised of the consultation outcome and transfer from NHS NCL CCG to NHS NCL ICB on 1 July via formal correspondence that will be issued to all staff during w/c 13 June.

In accordance with NHSE/I’s employment commitment, and to support a seamless transfer of staff and services into ICBs on 1 July 2022, I want to remind staff that they will transfer to the ICB in accordance with the NHS National Transfer Scheme which requires the transfer to be managed in accordance with the Cabinet Office Statement of Practice (COSoP) and the TUPE Regulations.

If you have any questions on the transfer from the CCG to the ICB, please do contact the HR Transition Team via the dedicated email address:

Staff in scope of the transfer

The following staff are in-scope of the transfer from NCL CCG to NCL ICB:

  • All staff directly employed by the CCG on a permanent contract.
  • All staff on fixed term contracts that are still in place as at 1 July 2022.
  • All staff currently on maternity, paternity, sick leave, suspension, career break or any other type of leave at the point of transfer to NCL ICB on 1 July 2022.
  • All board level colleagues employed on a permanent/fixed term contract whether in a new designate role or in a displaced position.
  • All staff who are on a secondment out of the CCG will have their substantive role transferred.
  • Clinical Leads including GP Assessors and those staff that are seconded into the CCG will have their current agreements moved to the new ICB.

The breakdown of teams and number of staff that will transfer from NHS NCL CCG to the new NHS NCL ICB are detailed in Appendix 1: Summary of staff information in-scope of the transfer to NCL ICB.

Safe transfer of staff from NCL CCG to NCL ICB

We want the transfer of staff from NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG) to NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board (NCL ICB) to be as safe and effective as possible. The change and transition process is being managed in accordance with the agreed approach by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHS E/I), which includes due regard to:

  • a national public sector transfer scheme (COSoP)
  • TUPE Regulations
  • NHSE/I HR Framework
  • The national employment commitment which mandates the ‘lift and shift’ approach for all CCG colleagues below board level
  • Local organisational Change Management Policy
  • Relevant employment law, including equality legislation.
Engagement, information and feedback during consultation

Every effort will be made to ensure staff affected by change have the most up-to-date information at every stage of the process, and that we answer queries where we have the answers and confirming when more detailed information will be available where we do not.

Feedback will be encouraged and supported at every level to ensure that individual issues can be discussed at the appropriate levels and any outstanding concerns addressed as part of this consultation process.

We will continue ongoing engagement with the regional and local trade union representatives on the staff transfer to NCL ICB via the regular informal and formal Joint Partnership Group meetings.

During the consultation period, staff can have 1:1 consultation meetings with their line manager, if they would like to have one.  A staff side colleague or work colleague can accompany each member of staff at a formal consultation meeting should they wish.

General queries and additional requests for support can also be sent to the HR Transition team via the dedicated email address:

Feedback, comments and views on the proposed transfer to the NCL ICB can be provided to directors, the NCL Executive Management Team. You can also feedback to the HR team both informally and formally, and in writing to the dedicated NCL HR transition email address: 

Staff support

We recognise that these changes will be taking place against a background of significant and ongoing challenges, therefore it is critical that staff affected by this change process are appropriately supported.

NCL CCG will work in partnership with trade union representatives to offer a range of staff support to meet the different requirements during the different stages of the change process.

Please see the staff support section detailed within the consultation paper (sections 14 and 15), which outlines the following support that is available for all staff during the consultation process:

Consultation launch briefing slides

The consultation on the safe transfer of staff from NHS North Central London CCG to NHS North Central London ICB was launched on Wednesday 27 April 2022. 

The presentation from this session is available to view here.

ICB transition update and launch of consultation on the transfer of staff from NCL CCG to NCL ICB Meeting recording

Your Questions Answered

The questions asked at the consultation launch were captured and have been answered here.

Equality Impact Assessment Post-consultation review