NCL ICB Transition

The NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board (ICB) will be responsible for allocating NHS budget and commissions services. ICBs are a key change in the Health and Care Bill, and will replace Clinical Commissioning Groups. The current target date for these changes to come into effect is 1 July 2022.

The establishment of an ICB will help health and care organisations tackle complex challenges, including:

  • Improving the Health of Children and young people
  • Supporting people to stay well and independent
  • Acting sooner to help those with preventable conditions
  • Supporting those with long-term conditions or mental health issues
  • Caring for those with multiple needs as populations age
  • Getting the best from collective resources so people get care as quickly as possible.

The new NHS ICB will be a statutory organisation responsible for specific functions that enable it to deliver against the following four core purposes:

  1. Developing a Plan to meet the health needs of the population within their area, having regard to the Partnership’s Strategy. This will include ensuring NHS services and performance are restored following the pandemic, in line with national operational planning requirements, and Long-Term Plan commitments are met.
  2. Allocating Resources to deliver the plan across the system, including determining what resources should be available to meet the needs of the population and setting principles for how they should be allocated across services and providers. This will require striking the right balance between enabling local decision-making to meet specific needs and securing the benefits of standardisation and scale across larger footprints, especially for more specialist or acute services.
  3. Establishing joint working arrangements with partners that embed collaboration as the basis for delivery of joint priorities within the plan. The NHS ICB may choose to commission jointly with local authorities, including the use of powers to make partnership arrangements under section 75 of the 2006 Act and supported through the integrated care strategy, across the whole system. This may happen at place where that is the relevant local authority footprint.
  4. Establishing Governance arrangements to support collective accountability between partner organisations for whole-system delivery and performance, underpinned by the statutory and contractual accountabilities of individual organisations, to ensure the plan is implemented effectively within a system financial envelope set by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

As part of the transition to an ICB, current CCG staff will be consulted on the proposed transfer of their employment from NCL CCG to NCL ICB.

In April 2020 the five Clinical Commissioning Groups in North Central London (NCL CCGs) – Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington – merged to form one CCG in line with the NHS Long Term Plan. Alongside this, borough partnerships have been formed in each borough to support working at a ‘place’ level and we have 32 thriving primary care networks across the area.

Since becoming a single CCG, we have continued to work closely with Councils, providers, general practices, voluntary and community organisations, to respond to the pandemic. We have also continued to progress towards a more strategic approach to commissioning across NCL and within our borough partnerships through continued work on population health, health inequalities and strategic reviews of services.