Key CCG Contacts

On this page we have included some key contacts for teams and central mailboxes across the CCG. If you’d like additional contacts added to this page, please contact the Communications and Engagement team at

Communications and Engagement

The Communications and Engagement team can help with many enquiries including:

  • Media enquiries 
  • Staff newsletter
  • Social media
  • Items for the staff briefing
  • Intranet additions and edits
  • Public website additions and edits
  • Developing engagement and communication plans

You can contact them via:

Complaints / Enquiries

We now have single mailboxes for complaints and enquiries (previously we had one for each borough).

Complaints should be directed to:

Public enquiries should be directed to:


Secretaries for our committees:


The HR Business Partnering team can help with many enquiries and work closely with the Workforce, Payroll and Recruitment teams, as well as the Transition and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion teams.

Full contact details and who to contact, when, is available on this page.

Information Governance
IT Helpdesk

Tel: 020 3049 0611


Self-service portal: NEL self-service portal 

NCL Cancer CCG Team

The NCL CCG Cancer programme is led by:

  • Ed Nkrumah: Director of Acute Performance
  • Dr Clare Stephens: Cancer Clinical SRO and NCL CCG Governing Body member
  • Lucy McLaughlin: NCL Head of Cancer Commissioning
  • George Glod: Project Support Officer. 

Associated members of the cancer team include:

  • Dr Nitika Silhi: Macmillan Cancer GP (Enfield) and NCL CCG Governing Body member
  • Dr Kate Rees: Macmillan Cancer GP (Haringey)
  • Dr Zareena Cuddis: Macmillan Cancer GP (Barnet)
  • Emma Casey: Cancer Quality Lead.

To facilitate a quick response, please email and copy in

Primary Care

Primary Care team:


Safeguarding key contacts list including email addresses and contact information.