How We Are Run

North Central London CCG is a membership organisation, with 201 general practice members. Our member practices elect a Governing Body to oversee the work of the CCG.

The CCG Governing Body is made up of clinicians, NCL CCG executive managers, lay members, partner organisation representatives and other groups who have an interest in health and care across North Central London.

Together they oversee the way that we do business and decide which services to commission. Our Governing Body is made up of 17 voting members (ten of which have been elected by our GP practices) and several non-voting members.

You can read more about our Governing Body, including meeting minutes, on our website.

How we work (our operating model)

Our formation a year ago was an exciting milestone in our journey towards an integrated health and care system. Through responding to the pandemic, we have seen the benefits of being able to operate as one North Central London organisation, retaining a strong focus on place.

Last summer we shared a slide deck that looked at our Operating Model and invited staff to feedback. One thing that became clear when reviewing feedback was that this needed to be more than just a summary of our Operating Model, and that colleagues wanted to understand not only overarching principles, but also how they fit in.

We have taken time to further develop this pack and the updated ‘Operating Model’ pack is now simply called: How We Work.

This pack provides an overview of how our organisation will function in 2021/22 to deliver our priorities.

NCL CCG merger

Our five NCL CCG Governing Bodies agreed in May 2019 that work could commence towards merging Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington CCGs. This was supported by NHS England in October 2020, and we officially merged to become North Central London CCG on 1 April 2020.

Committees of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is supported by a number of committees that oversee different aspects of the work undertaken by NCL CCG and meet on a regular basis. Each committee reports to the Governing Body and committee meeting minutes are included with Governing Body meeting papers, which are publicly available.

The Governing Body meets quarterly, in public. The committee structure consists of the following committees:

  • Finance (monthly)
  • Strategic Commissioning (bi-monthly) to which Procurement Management is a sub Committee
  • Primary Care Commissioning (bi-monthly)
  • Quality and Safety (bi-monthly) to which Medicines Management is a sub Committee
  • Audit (quarterly)
  • Public Patient Engagement and Equality
  • Remuneration

All the Committees except for Primary Care Commissioning meet in private and the remit for all committees are governed by a Terms of Reference, approved by the Governing Body. The Terms of Reference can be accessed at the Governance Handbook section on the public CCG website. Committee papers for each of the committees (except Remuneration) are available.

Governing Body and Primary Care Commissioning Committee papers are meetings in public, their papers are published on the public CCG website at:

Please note that:

  • For all committee papers stored via the link above, some reports may be sensitive and not for wider circulation – please contact to check first.
  • For confidential papers (where committees and the Governing Body meet in closed session (Part 2 meetings) please contact Andrew Tillbrook if you have a request to view. Access may be dependent on the relevant executive leads permission.

The repository of meeting papers will be updated every two weeks. Please contact Andrew Tillbrook at if you have any questions