Business Services

NCL CCG Business Services Team

The Business Services Team has responsibility for a broad range of corporate activities, including facilities, estates and office management, ‘DeskSmart’, and complaints management. They are also responsible for internal-facing Business Services provision to all CCG staff, which includes the day-to-day management of IT equipment. The team also manage the public-facing CCG switchboard and the enquiries mailbox.

The Business Services Team provides facilities management to each of our NCL CCG office sites, which includes liaising with our landlords for each of our office sites, in relation to maintenance, cleaning, estates and facilities, opening hours, fire safety, health and safety, accessibility and security.

If you need to raise any issues regarding the offices, including queries around cleaning services, lighting or water issues, please contact the Business Service Team on

The Business Services Team manages the ‘DeskSmart’ system, with support from NEL CSU – the system allows CCG staff to book desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces, ahead of visiting the office. The team are working with the CSU to develop the system to allow increased flexibility in terms of hourly bookings and other improved functionality. ‘DeskSmart’ can be found in your Workforce account.

The concept of office management within the CCG has changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; our focus has moved from traditional desk-based environments, to more collaborative, activity-based office spaces, supported by our recently launched ‘Agile Working Policy’. Further information on our future way of working can be found in the below drop-down ‘Future Ways of Working’.

The Business Services Team are responsible for ensuring that all CCG staff working from any of our office sites have access to the same office equipment, and the same IT equipment and amenities. The Business Services Team provide day to day management of IT equipment, and hold the CCG asset register for all IT equipment, including laptops, monitors, keyboards, mobile phones and iPads.

If you need to raise any issues regarding IT equipment, including our office printers, please contact the Business Service Team on

NCL CCG Complaints Team

The NCL CCG Complaints Team ensure that all complaints, concerns or compliments are managed appropriately and that a satisfactory outcome is reached. The Complaints Team is responsible for the management of all complaints, concerns and compliments, in respect of the services that NCL CCG provides or commissions. This also includes any enquiries or complaints from Members of Parliament or Councillors. The Complaints Team acknowledge, log and track to completion, each response to each complaint or enquiry, ensuring that the responses are drafted and signed off by the appropriate CCG team. The team work proactively with the teams across the CCG to ensure that all responses are empathetic and comprehensive and that all deadlines are met. The NCL CCG Complaints Policy and further information can be found below.

The team can be contacted via a dedicated mailbox which is

Starters and leavers

The Business Services Team are now responsible for the day to day management of IT equipment for all NCL CCG staff, and are able to support new staff with collecting their IT equipment when they join the CCG, and arranging the return of IT equipment with staff when they unfortunately leave the CCG.

To make this process as streamlined as possible, two IT ‘PODs’ (points of delivery) have been established; one at Laycock Street and one at North London Business Park – where laptops (and other IT kit, such as monitors and docking stations) can be collected from, and where IT equipment can also be returned to. Members of the Business Services Team are often in the office and help with this.

Please note that the Camden GP IT team are no longer responsible for the issuing or collecting in of CCG staff laptops.


If you have a new starter joining your team, or you have recently had a WAP form approved, please contact the Business Services Team as soon as possible, via: to let them know.

Line managers are asked to submit requests for IT equipment, via email, to the Business Services Team when they have their WAP approved, or at the latest, at the time of going to advert. Please also submit a completed and approved mobile phone request form, if required, at this stage too. Mobile phones should only be requested if there is a business need, above and beyond the use of Jabber and MS Teams.

The Business Services Team will then allocate your new starter with a laptop and any other requested IT equipment.

New starters are to collect their IT equipment from either POD (Laycock Street or North London Business Park); the core IT package available to staff includes the following:

  • Laptop and charger
  • And, on request, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking station and Jabber phone handset

We ask that line managers arrange the collection of IT equipment with their new starter, with support from the Business Services Team, ahead of the new starter’s first day with the CCG. Line managers should ideally meet their new starter in person on their first day. IT kit will be couriered by exception only.

This process is specific to IT equipment only; the responsibility for arranging for new starters to have an NHS email address and access to network folders remains with the line manager.


If someone in your team is leaving the CCG, please ensure that all of their IT kit, including laptop, mobile phone, chargers etc, is returned to either POD, on or before their last working day. Line managers are asked to arrange this, with support from the Business Services Team. IT kit will be couriered by exception only.

Please note, IT kit does not need to be returned to the Business Services Team when an existing member of staff changes role, team or directorate, within the CCG. Please just advise the Business Services Team that a member of your team is changing role and the central asset register will be updated.

This process is specific to IT equipment only; the responsibility for closing your leaver’s NHS email address and access to network folders remains with the line manager.

Damaged or broken IT equipment

If you find that your laptop is not working or is damaged or broken, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk; they will assign the job to an engineer who will arrange a convenient date/time to discuss this further with you. The CSU IT engineers will only go to one of our sites once a call has been put through via IT helpdesk, the job is then allocated to the engineer who will attend site.

Please note, that it may be possible to work from a desktop PC whilst your laptop is being worked on by the CSU IT engineer, so no working days are lost. A short term spare laptop can be issued if the laptop cannot be fixed on site.

Any issues with mobile phones are to be raised with the Business Services Team via:

Business Services are responsible for the day to day management of all laptops, mobile phones, chargers etc, as well as supporting line managers with the issuing out and return of laptops and managing a central asset register – this means that laptops will no longer be ‘owned’ by teams or Directorates.

Responsibilities of line managers

  • Starters and leavers – Starters are to collect their IT equipment from either POD (line managers are to arrange this, with support from Business Services, ahead of the new starters first day)
  • Leavers are to return all their IT equipment including laptops, mobile phones, chargers etc to either POD (line managers are to arrange this with support from Business Services)
  • Line managers are to submit requests for IT equipment to Business Services at time of WAP approval or, at the latest, at the time of going to advert

Responsibilities of Business Services

  • Business Services are to oversee the issuing out and return of all IT equipment (including laptops, mobile phones, chargers etc), working with line managers
  • Business Services will manage a central asset register of all IT equipment
  • Business Services are responsible for the day-to-day management of all CCG laptops, mobile phones, chargers etc.
NCL Enquiries Mailbox

The Business Services Team manage the NCL CCG enquires mailbox; this is a public facing mailbox where patients, residents and other stakeholders can send their enquiries to. The mailbox is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Corporate Support Assistants. The mailbox email address is

Future Ways of Working

Our future ways of working are evolving; the Business Services Team are developing new plans for our offices, which include introducing PODs and new zones within our office spaces, moving away from a traditional desk based environment. We will be introducing zones for staff either to work collaboratively or to work in a dedicated quiet concentration zone – some traditional desks will still be available, offering staff a choice as to how they work in the office.

We will be introducing PODs, which are single person, soundproof booths, for staff to make confidential calls, as well as high backed desk areas, which will allow staff to focus on a particular project/piece of work, without the distraction of calls or other conversations.

Over the past few months, AV equipment has been installed in every meeting room within the Barnet, Camden and Islington offices. This will allow all staff to enjoy the benefits of being part of a meeting or discussion whether they are working from home or from the office with colleagues, and still experience the high level of sound and video quality to allow this to happen.

As we continue to work from home where possible, it is important that staff have the correct equipment to undertake their duties safely and effectively – following discussions with their line manager, staff should undertake a DSE assessment.

The Business Services Team can help with providing staff with office chairs and foot rests, however if staff require more specialist equipment, they should first complete an Occupational Health referral where guidance and recommendations for equipment can be made for staff to work both at home and in the office. If specialist equipment is found to be required, please contact the Business Service Team on who can help with placing the order.

NCL CCG Complaints Policy

NCL CCG has a single ‘NCL CCG Complaints Policy’; this policy is to be used by all staff working across NCL CCG and replaces all previous complaints policies. You can view the policy here.

The policy outlines what we expect from staff in terms of their roles and responsibilities, describes the complaints process in step by step detail, as well as detailing which complaints we deal with and those that we do not.

Broadly, if a member of public has a complaint relating to NHS services, and we have commissioned these services, we will either:

  • deal with the complaint ourselves, following the new NCL CCG Complaints Policy, or
  • send the complaint to the relevant provider to deal with the complaint, if that is more appropriate.

In either case, we need consent from the complainant in order to proceed.

If you receive an enquiry or complaint directly or via any shared mailboxes, please send them to as soon as possible. The team will make sure it is logged and tracked to completion. This will ensure that we are responding promptly and consistently and that we are not duplicating work across the CCG.

If you have questions, please contact the Complaints Team on  who will be happy to help.

MP Enquiries

All MP enquiries and complaints are managed centrally by the CCG Complaints Team.

If you receive an enquiry or complaint from an MP directly or via any shared mailboxes, please send them to as soon as possible. The team will make sure it is logged and tracked to completion. This will ensure that we are responding promptly and consistently to MPs and that we are not duplicating work across the CCG.

The Complaints Team managing this dedicated mailbox are Brett Vallance, Jan Williams and Maria Daly. Importantly, Directorate staff will continue to provide content for many of our responses, so your awareness of the process and help in responding to requests for information will be much appreciated. 

NCL CCG Switchboard

The Business Services Team manage the main NCL CCG switchboard, which deals with all patient, resident and stakeholder calls. The switchboard is open during normal working hours, 5 days per week, not including Bank Holidays. The switchboard number is 020 3816 3000

Personal Emergency Evaluation Plan

As we will soon see more staff working from our offices, we are taking this opportunity to review and improve our emergency evacuation procedures for our office sites. We want to ensure that all of our staff are able to leave the buildings safely in the event of a fire or other emergency. We understand that some staff with a disability will be able to leave the building unaided; however, some may require assistance and the CCG will work with you to create a ‘Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan’ (PEEP).

A PEEP is an individual escape plan for anyone who may not be able to quickly reach a place of safety unaided in the event of an emergency. The purpose of a PEEP is to provide people with the best possible escape plan in a fire emergency; all employers are legally required to implement effective arrangements for emergency evacuation for all employees. 

Who Requires a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

A PEEP is necessary for any staff members who need assistance when leaving the building in an emergency. For instance, a PEEP may be needed for someone with a:

  • Mobility impairment
  • Sight impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • A medical condition
  • A temporary condition that may impeded your evacuation, such as staff who are in the later stages of pregnancy or have an injury which might cause them to need assistance to evacuate safely

Each person’s needs are different and therefore each person requiring a plan needs one specific to their own requirements. Staff who regularly use different buildings may need to have a separate PEEP for each building.

Does everyone with a disability need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

Not all people with an impairment or disability require an individual plan. If a person can leave the building unaided, a PEEP is not required. Furthermore, people with an invisible impairment may need assistance in an emergency even though they do not usually have an access/exit problem.

What will your plan include?

The plan will outline what options you wish to take in the event of a fire evacuation. The plan will also state who is designated to assist you in your escape should you require this.

Rachel Russ, in full consultation with you, will help draw up your PEEP and will ensure that the following areas have been considered:

  • Assistance by others
  • Equipment and training requirements
  • Safe routes and refuge
  • Multiple-occupancy buildings
  • Lifts 

Who will hold this information?

This information will be shared with your Line Manager, HR, Rachel Russ and if necessary the designated staff member who will assist you. This information will also be stored confidential within the Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response folder. 

If you have any concerns or further questions, please contact Rachel Russ