NCL Branded Templates

Our corporate identity has been developed to ensure local compliance with NHS brand guidelines and to establish a distinctive design style for North Central London CCG. By presenting the NCL CCG brand consistently, our identity will have greater impact and will help raise awareness of the work we are doing to improve health and health services across North Central London.

Please take the time to read our brand guidelines and to use the available templates and logos accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact the communications team:

Brand guidelines

An NCL CCG brand guidelines document has been produced to help you – and any external graphic designers or digital developers we commission – ­to easily and accurately apply the CCG’s identity to our work.

It includes technical guidance on how to use our logo, graphic device, icons, colour and typeface on all digital and print channels, campaigns and materials – including those produced with partners.

As NHS employees, we all have a responsibility to protect the NHS brand by correctly applying the NCL CCG guidelines and not creating alternative brands, sub brands, identities, logos or graphic devices.

Please speak to the NCL CCG communications and engagement team if you need any advice.

NCL CCG brand guidelines document


The NHS has quite strict guidelines on the use of the NHS logo. For example, the logo should always appear in the top right hand corner of any document and not be distorted in any way.

If you have any questions about a document you are working on, and the branding of it, please speak to the Communications and Engagement team.

Poster and report templates

NCL CCG poster and report templates are available to assist you in communicating the CCG’s work and priorities to internal and external audiences.

Please follow the instructions contained in each template around layout and font type/size/colour. This will ensure you meet NHS accessibility requirements and the CCG’s identity is presented correctly and consistently to stakeholders.

If the information you need to convey is complex, detailed and/or high profile, please discuss with the NCL CCG communications and engagement team whether investing in a professionally designed product would be more appropriate than using these templates.

PowerPoint slides
A pack of NCL CCG branded PowerPoint slides is available for all staff to use.

The pack includes a variety of cover and internal slide options which have been pre-formatted to hold a range of content including light and heavy copy, imagery, charts, tables and video. The design maximises the amount of available editable space, as requested in staff feedback.

To access the full range of template slides, open the slide pack and click on ‘New slide’ on the toolbar and a drop down list of options will appear.

For accessibility reasons, always use Arial minimum font size 12 on your presentation slides.

If you would like to edit the Title in the footer of the template, please follow the steps below:

  • Click ‘View’ on the top menu.
  • Click ‘Slide Master’ in the ‘Master Views’ section of the ribbon.
  • Click on Slide 2 and/or Slide 3 and edit the text box to match the title of your presentation (or just delete it). If you want to use the full range of slides, edit or delete both Slide 2 and 3.
  • Click ‘Normal’ on the ribbon (you must still be on the ‘View’ tab, this is on the far left.

Download the slide pack

Leaflet templates

Leaflet templates are available for staff to download and use for routine internal and external communications.

There are six options to choose from – with different balances of colour, text and/or imagery.

Click on the header to activate the document for editing. Following the internal guidance in the documents on font (Arial, minimum 12, always left align) and colour will help ensure your document complies with NHS brand guidelines and meets important accessibility standards.

All leaflets are pre-populated with an image that you can easily replace. As these are standardised templates, the space for the image is fixed. This means that your image must be landscape and, if it is a different size to specified space, you will need to make some adjustments for it be presented correctly. This step-by-step guide explains how to do this.

These templates are for routine communications. If the information you need to convey is complex, detailed and/or high profile, please discuss with the NCL CCG communications and engagement team whether investing in a professionally designed product would be more appropriate.


A range of professionally structured and correctly branded NCL CCG A4 letterheads are available for all staff to download and use. Versions exist for each CCG office and the main locations used by joint commissioning staff. The letterheads have been designed to meet NHS accessibility and readability requirements – you should not amend the layout, logo, font size or colour in any way. Please take care to fully populate all sections and to delete the Latin holding text before sending your letter.

CCG addresses

CCG and Council joint commissioning addresses

Icons (including NCL CCG values)
North London Partners in Health and Care

A separate visual identity exists for North London Partners in health care – North Central London’s sustainability and transformation partnership.

This includes a logo, colour palette, fonts and Word and PowerPoint templates.

North London Partners’ brand elements and templates should only be used when communicating about the sustainability and transformation partnership’s work and programmes and not on NHS NCL CCG materials.

The North London Partners logo can be used in conjunction with the NHS lozenge.  The logo is positioned in the top left of materials and NHS lozenge positioned in the top right. Additional logos such as programmes’ suppliers’ logos are not allowed. The North London Partners logo should not be altered or recreated and should not be separated from the strap line.

If you are unsure of what brand identify to use or how to apply one contact the communications and engagement team.