Zero tolerance statement

Our vision for our staff is a work environment where everyone feels safe, respected, valued and treated with dignity. The CCG celebrates diversity and is committed to nurturing a culture and environment that is inclusive and fair, challenges inequality and is free from any form of micro-aggression, bullying, harassment and discrimination.

The CCG has a zero tolerance approach to harassment, bullying and discrimination in which all employees, workers, contractors and visitors are expected to be treated, and to treat each other, with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of age, disability, gender, identity, marriage, civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, sexual orientation. Abusive behaviour, intimidation or aggression in any form – in person, by telephone or written communications – will not be tolerated.

We fully support and encourage anyone who is experiencing/has experienced, or has witnessed, any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying to come forward and tell us in order that they can receive support and advice on how to take forward any concern in accordance with the most appropriate policy; no act is considered too small to be addressed. Individuals have a number of routes available to raise concerns, including via their line manager, Director, Executive Director, HR, trade union representative. The CCG’s Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and our newly appointed Freedom to Speak Up Ambassadors also act as a source of independent advice and will support the CCG’s continued commitment to embed a positive culture of speaking up. Further information on speaking up and our guardians are available on the speaking up (whistleblowing) intranet page.

The Executive Management Team will monitor and assess the effectiveness of the measures that we are putting in place to embed a zero tolerance culture in a number of ways, including (but not limited to) staff surveys; feedback from staff network and safe space conversations, exit interviews, monitoring of employee relations cases, feedback from staff events, team and 1:1 discussions.

The Governing Body and the Executive Management Team will continue to take all actions necessary to address all forms of bullying, harassment and discrimination and provide a safe and supported environment for our staff.

Frances O’Callaghan
Accountable Officer
October 2021