World Health Day Our planet, our health – 7 April 2022

7 April is World Health Day* and this year’s theme is ‘Our Planet, our health’.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) urges us to question:

  • Can we reimagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all?
  • Where economies are focused on health and wellbeing?
  • Where cities are liveable and people have control over their health and the health of the planet?

We are still living with Covid, amidst pollution and increasing illnesses like cancer, asthma and heart disease. WHO estimates that 13 million deaths every year are caused by environmental causes that are avoidable. We are in a climate emergency which is also a health emergency.

The campaign seeks to urge us all to share what we are doing to protect the planet and our health, and to prioritise wellbeing.  There are recommendations for governments, individuals and corporations which include stopping the exploration for new fossil fuels, integrating mental health support with climate action, and buying from local producers, amongst many others.

The climate crisis is now the single biggest health threat we face. This is why the NHS has committed to become a net-zero system, to address health inequalities and help provide good quality care.

In North Central London as the ICS continues to evolve, we remain committed to improving outcomes for our patients and local communities. We will support their wellbeing focusing on addressing the many drivers of inequalities.

Working with our partners we have created a ‘Green Plan’ to improve health and wellbeing through sustainable healthcare. We cannot address inequalities without this work.

We all have a responsibility to our local communities to do what we can to support people to Start Well, Live Well and Age Well. This includes prioritising actions to improve the environment like minimising the impact of our contribution to air pollution for the environment and our health.

In this short video Dr. Jo Sauvage, Chief Medical Officer for North Central London, who is also a GP in Islington and Clinical Lead for the Sustainability Network in London, explains the work of the emerging ICS in this area and how we can all play our role.

Find out more about our Green Plan, or get involved in our CCG Green Staff Network by contacting our Green Lead Zoe Garbett from our NCL CCG Communities team

For more information on the campaign and the link between climate and health visit the World Health Day 2022 website or search #HealthierTomorrow

* World Health Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1948. It is marked every year with a focus on different global health topics of concern. Previous themes have included supporting nurses and midwives, universal health coverage, and food safety.