Terminology regarding the ICB transition

We have received several enquiries in the last two weeks about naming conventions and requiring clarification in some respects.

NHS England approved our proposed use of several new names which will be used from 1 April and in some cases in advance.

The new organisation (that NCL CCG staff will transfer to) will be the NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board. This organisation allocates NHS budget and commissions services.

The North Central London Integrated Care System (NCL ICS) refers to the group of organisations including the ICB, Trusts, councils and VCSE.

The North Central London Health and Care Partnership refers to a group that will come together regularly and be responsible for the planning to meet wider health, public health and social care needs and will lead the development and implementation of the integrated care strategy.

If you have any queries about the correct naming convention to use with suppliers or anyone else, please contact the Transition team in the first instance: northcentrallondonics@nhs.net