Staff transfer consultation launched

Thank you to everyone who attended the all staff event this week. As part of this session, the 30-day consultation for the safe transfer of staff from NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG) to NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board (NCL ICB) was officially launched.

The all staff session also included updates from Frances O’Callaghan about the new Executive Management Team and broader ICB transition updates, including when Executive Management changes will be implemented. If you were not able to attend, the slides from the session can be found here.

The consultation, ending on Friday 27 May at 5pm, is taking place in accordance with NCL CCG’s Change Management Policy, NHS E/I’s HR Framework, and the national employment commitment that mandates a ‘lift and shift’ approach for all CCG staff (below board level) from the CCG to the ICB.

Every effort will be made to ensure staff affected by change have the most up-to-date information at every stage of the process, and that we answer queries where we have the answers and confirming when more detailed information will be available where we do not.

All information and key documents related to the consultation for the staff transfer from NCL CCG to NCL ICB can be found here.

If you have any feedback, comments or views on the proposed transfer to the NCL ICB, please feel free to speak directly to Directors on the NCL Executive Management Team. You can also feedback to the HR team, informally or formally, and in writing to the dedicated NCL HR transition email address: