Staff consultation now concluded

The formal 30-day consultation on the transfer of NCL CCG staff to NCL ICB concluded on Friday 27 May. The consultation process was undertaken in accordance with NCL CCG’s Change Management Policy, NHS E/I’s HR Framework, and the national employment commitment that mandates a ‘lift and shift’ approach for all CCG staff (below board level) from the CCG to the ICB.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged and provided feedback during the consultation process. As staff will be aware, during the consultation period, we received confirmation of the completion of the parliamentary process and Royal Assent to establish Integrated Care Bodies on 1 July 2022. In turn, staff will be formally advised of the consultation outcome and transfer from NHS NCL CCG to NHS NCL ICB on 1 July via formal correspondence that will be issued to all staff during w/c 13 June.

In accordance with NHSE/I’s employment commitment, and to support a seamless transfer of staff and services into ICBs on 1 July 2022, I want to remind staff that they will transfer to the ICB in accordance with the NHS National Transfer Scheme which requires the transfer to be managed in accordance with the Cabinet Office Statement of Practice (COSoP) and the TUPE Regulations.

If you have any questions on the transfer from the CCG to the ICB, please do contact the HR Transition Team via the dedicated email address: