Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

As we will soon see more staff working from our offices, we are taking this opportunity to review and improve our emergency evacuation procedures for our office sites. We want to ensure that all of our staff are able to leave the buildings safely in the event of a fire or other emergency. We understand that some staff with a disability will be able to leave the building unaided; however, some may require assistance and the CCG will work with you to create a ‘Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan’ (PEEP).

A PEEP is an individual escape plan for anyone who may not be able to quickly reach a place of safety unaided in the event of an emergency. The purpose of a PEEP is to provide people with the best possible escape plan in a fire emergency; all employers are legally required to implement effective arrangements for emergency evacuation for all employees.

Who Requires a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

A PEEP is necessary for any staff members who need assistance when leaving the building in an emergency. For instance, a PEEP may be needed for someone with a:

  • Mobility impairment
  • Sight impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • A medical condition
  • A temporary condition that may impeded your evacuation, such as staff who are in the later stages of pregnancy or have an injury which might cause them to need assistance to evacuate safely

Each person’s needs are different and therefore each person requiring a plan needs one specific to their own requirements. Staff who regularly use different buildings may need to have a separate PEEP for each building.

Does everyone with a disability need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

Not all people with an impairment or disability require an individual plan. If a person can leave the building unaided, a PEEP is not required. Furthermore, people with an invisible impairment may need assistance in an emergency even though they do not usually have an access/exit problem.

What will your plan include?

The plan will outline what options you wish to take in the event of a fire evacuation. The plan will also state who is designated to assist you in your escape should you require this.

Rachel Russ, in full consultation with you, will help draw up your PEEP and will ensure that the following areas have been considered:

  • Assistance by others
  • Equipment and training requirements
  • Safe routes and refuge
  • Multiple-occupancy buildings
  • Lifts

Who will hold this information?

This information will be shared with your Line Manager, HR, Rachel Russ and if necessary the designated staff member who will assist you. This information will also be stored confidential within the Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response folder.

If you have any concerns or further questions, please contact Rachel Russ