Office Orientation Sessions

To help support all staff to be confident in working effectively in our offices, the Business Services Team will be holding a number of office orientation sessions at each office site over the coming six weeks, on the following days:

Every Tuesday at 11.00am until Tuesday 31 May at both Camden (250 Euston Road) and Islington (Laycock Street)

Every Wednesday at 11.00am until Wednesday 1 June at Barnet (North London Business Park)

Thereafter, the office orientation sessions will take place monthly on the following dates:

First Tuesday of every month at 11.00am at both Camden (250 Euston Road) and Islington (Laycock Street)

First Wednesday of every month at 11.00am at Barnet (North London Business Park)

The meeting point for the office orientation sessions will be the kitchen at each office site; a member of the Business Services Team will meet staff in the kitchen at 11am prompt to start the session.

The orientation sessions aim to help staff gain confidence in, and awareness of, our new ways of working, and to support staff in understanding more about our offices, including:

  • Our ‘new’ office environment, including our PODs and zones, including the principles around using these spaces
  • Our meeting rooms, including information about how to book a meeting room, and how to use the AV equipment in the rooms
  • DeskSmart, including how to access DeskSmart, how to book desks, meetings rooms and car parking spaces, and the importance of booking a space if you are working from the office
  • Our kitchens – where tea/coffee etc is kept in the kitchen, should this be needed when setting up meetings

Information will be also be provided on the layout of each building, together with important information about what to do in the event of an evacuation, how to raise the fire alarm and how to safely leave the building. Staff will also be told where the assembly evacuation point for that building is.

Staff will be provided with information about travelling to the office, and will have the opportunity to find out about the nearest bus stops or underground/overground/ train stations, as well as local amenities, quiet places for lunch, shared private spaces and on-site facilities, including gyms, cafés and parks. Staff will be shown the multi-faith rooms on-site, or given direction to those nearby. These are non-bookable rooms for quiet reflection, meditation and/or prayer, including prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

Depending on the site you are visiting, staff will be provided with details on security and access to the buildings, as well as how to obtain a security pass, ID badge, or parking permit.

We look forward to to meeting you face-to-face and saying hello!

If staff have any questions regarding office orientations sessions, please email the Business Services Team: