NHS London Shared Service consultation commenced

NHS London Shared Service is consulting its staff on a move to other NHS organisations in London.

Monday 17 January 2022 sees the launch of a consultation for staff at NHS London Shared Service (formerly NEL CSU), who are being consulted on their proposed assignment to four London CCGs and other receiving organisations in London. This will be a 30-day consultation which will conclude on 15 February 2022.

It is proposed that staff are assigned to one of the following, via TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations) arrangements:

  • North Central London CCG
  • North East London CCG
  • South East London CCG
  • South West London CCG
  • NHS England and Improvement (London Region)
  • The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
  • A South East London host.

This consultation is the final step in the disestablishment of NEL Commissioning Support Unit, with its services moving to a number of NHS organisations as above.

This transition has been endorsed by the Clinical Commissioning Groups’ programme leads and NHS England and Improvement (London Region) who are keen to ensure that there is minimal uncertainty for staff arising out of this delay. It is essential that service provision is protected for London’s residents and patients, as well as to ensure business continuity for customers and minimal disruption for the staff providing these services.

Once the consultation is completed, we will be able to share information on the LSS staff members that will be joining North Central London CCG and which teams they will join. We’d like to ask CCG colleagues to be considerate in day-to-day dealings with LSS staff over the next month, recognising that they are subject to a consultation process. We are planning an on-boarding programme to ensure LSS staff joining us have a positive and supported journey into our organisation.