NCL ICB – new folder structure


Work is underway in preparation for the transfer of data from our legacy CCG drives to our new NCL ICB Network Drive. This project has been divided into 3 distinct parts:

Part 1 – Service Leads/Team Leads are working with the IT Transition Team and Business Services to agree new folder structures for each Directorate, in the new Network Drive; this includes the naming of folders and sub-folders. Service leads/Team leads have been identified via attendees of the NCL Business Services Meeting, but if you would like to be involved please contact Business Services directly via nclccg.businessservices@nhs.netThe deadline for agreeing and signing off the new folder structures for each Directorate is the 29th April

Part 2 – Once agreed and signed off, the new folder structure will be shared with all existing folder owners, in order for the folder owners to map their existing folder to the new agreed folder structure. The new proposed locations will also need peer review and sign off. This work needs to happen between the 1st May – 13th May. Folder Owners will be contacted shortly in order to confirm the names are correct, and if staff have left, new folder owners will be assigned.

Part 3 – All staff are asked to review the folders on the N Drive that they have access to and have a bit of a spring clean! All staff are encouraged to review any documents within their personal drives and areas of the N drive that they have access to, with the aim of reducing the amount of data we have stored on our N drive. Staff are asked to delete any data that they no longer need, where it is appropriate to do so (we will be sharing information about retention schedules and how to do this shortly). The deadline for tidying up the data stored in our existing folders is mid-June.

We have set up a weekly (virtual) ‘drop-in’ session, attended by both IT and IG colleagues, in order to support staff with this work; this is in the diary for 11.00am every Tuesday. If you would like to attend, please contact Business Services via, who will share the MS Teams link with you.