NCL GP Website

The North Central London (NCL) GP Website is the CCG’s primary communication channel with GPs and primary care colleagues across the five boroughs.

With all boroughs having now migrated to the NCL GP Website we have closed the NCL COVID-19 website and bulletin put in place at the start of the pandemic to facilitate the sharing of information across all five boroughs.

As of 31 August 2021 there are no further updates to the NCL COVID-19 website and its respective bulletin has ceased. Key information held on the NCL Covid-19 website has been made available on the NCL GP Website where users will be redirected to for the latest information.

Future updates on Covid-19 will be made available on a daily basis via the NCL GP Website and be included in NCL GP Weekly Bulletin.

To share information with primary care colleagues, to an update a pathway, service and more CCG staff are asked to complete the relevant submission form.

CCG staff are encouraged to register on the NCL GP Website to stay up-to-date with the latest primary care news.

Staff with involvement in local, regional and national pathways and services are asked to check that information on these areas relevant to primary care is both available on the site and accurate.

If you wish to let the team know of a new service, or propose changes to an existing one, you may do so here.

A short video introducing new users to the NCL GP Website is available with detail on how to register on and navigate the website.

For more information and queries about the NCL GP Website please contact: