NCL CCG Learning and Development Policy

The new NCL CCG Learning and Development Policy has been published.

One of the key corporate priorities for 2021-2022 is to ‘Provide robust support to, and development of, our workforce – including through change’.  To achieve this, the CCG aspires to be a learning organisation and is committed to developing a learning culture where work-based learning is considered equal to formal learning and hence is valued and recognised as an essential part of the individual’s Continuing Professional Development.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that learning opportunities are provided on an equitable and cost effective basis to all staff and to ensure that the CCG is resourced at all times, with staff who have the appropriate competence and experience to enable the CCG to achieve its objectives and meet future needs.

Applying for training

Training programmes in line with our Learning and Development Policy e.g. Leadership Academy courses will be funded (subject to availability) by the corporate training budget.

The individual allocated training budget of £200 for each member of staff is held by each Directorate. Staff who wish to access and utilise their £200 allocation or more should complete the training application form below and obtain approval from their line manager and Director/budget holder prior to booking a course.

Following approval, staff and line managers can liaise directly with the provider to book their place. The Directorate/Team Administrator will be required to raise the purchase order.

Learning Agreement

A Learning Agreement form must be completed by the applicant and their line manager when a course/programme exceeds a duration longer than six months, and/or requests supported funding of £995 or more. This form must be held by the line manager and becomes ‘live’ once the applicant has commenced the course programme.

You can view the policy and the forms on our Policies page here.