‘My mental health matters’: Changing the narrative around seeking support as health and care workers virtual event – Thursday 21 April (1-2pm)

Many of us working in health and care services feel we need support now more than ever. But when it comes to seeking support, we can feel worried about what this says about us as a healer, helper, or carer – or what other people think it says.

What can we do to change this, for ourselves and our colleagues? How can we manage being both a healer, and needing help to heal? How can we make sure that, as health and care workers, we all get the support we deserve when we need it?

In KeepingWell NCL’s interactive staff wellbeing webinar, Hub practitioners will guide participants through recognizing our unconscious biases, contemplating our contradictions, and applying these as health and care staff, to help ourselves and our colleagues overcome the stigmas that stop us getting help when we need it.

This free webinar is open to all staff working in health and care services in North Central London. Click here to find out more and register now