Launching NCL CCG’s Workplace Adjustment Passport

The CCG, together with the Carers, Disability and Long-Term Conditions Staff Network, will be launching the new Workplace Adjustment Passport on 7 June. The introduction of the passport will support the delivery of the CCG’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy and our aim of having a ‘fair and just’ culture.

Reasonable adjustment passports can make working life better and fairer for disabled staff, those with long-term health conditions and those with caring responsibilities. The introduction of the passport is part of the CCG’s commitment to advancing disability equality and the rolling out of the ‘See ME First Campaign’, and is aligned with the NHS Workforce Disability Equality Standard, the NHS Promises and the NHS People Plan.

The Workplace Adjustment Passport is one more step towards achieving better inclusion in our organisation and ensuring a fair experience for all our staff.

What is the Workplace Adjustment Passport?

The passport is a live record of adjustments agreed between staff and their manager to support them at work because of a health condition, impairment or disability. It is a place staff can store any information they would like to about a disability, long-term health condition, mental health issue, learning disability or difficulty, or caring responsibility. This record won’t be passed on to anyone automatically; staff have control of the information and can share it with anyone they think needs to know about their health and anything that’s in place in the workplace which enables them to carry out their role. Line managers will need to have a conversation with any of their staff who require it and the conversation should cover disability and health conditions, plus any other issues that the member of staff feel affects their health i.e. caring responsibilities.

The passport will clearly set out adjustments that have been agreed between staff and line managers, so that staff don’t have to renegotiate or re-explain their reasonable adjustments if they change roles, or if their line manager changes.

The purpose of the Workplace Adjustment Passport is to:

  • Be used by any employee who has a disability or other health condition, or caring responsibilities and who requires adjustments to be made in the workplace to enable them to work comfortably and effectively.
  • Make sure that everyone is clear and has a record of what adjustments have been agreed;
  • Reduce the need to re-assess adjustments every time staff change jobs, are relocated or are assigned a new manager;
  • Provide staff and their line manager with the basis for future conversations about adjustments.

Join us at the launch event!

The Carers, Disability and Long-Term Conditions Staff Network, together with Emdad Haque, our Senior Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, and HR colleagues are hosting a launch event on Tuesday 7 June at 1.30pm. All staff will receive a calendar invitation shortly.