ICS update

This week, the Health and Care Bill was introduced to the House of Lords. This follows on the its third reading in the House of Commons two weeks ago.

Just to keep colleagues updated on the passage of a Bill through Parliament, we thought it useful to share the stages that a Bill passes through on its way to becoming law.

Due to the timelines associated with the passage of the Health and Care Bill through Parliament, there has been some speculation about the transfer from CCGs to ICBs. The HSJ recently reported on scenario planning by NHS England for a delay of up to six months.

We wanted to acknowledge this but also highlight that scenario planning like this is good practice for any large scale change, and we are also developing plans to account for different eventualities given the tight timelines we are facing.

We also want to reassure colleagues that the delays discussed would only affect the date of statutory changes and as such wouldn’t impact the progress we are making around new ways of working and partnership working, which will continue at pace.

If we do hear more on this, we will keep you all updated, but we continue to work towards 1 April as the date for all related changes.