ICB transition update and consultation launch

During the first Traverse sessions, colleagues expressed interest in hearing more about the new ICB Executive Management Team, information about implementation timelines relating to transition and also about the consultation with NCL CCG staff about transferring to the ICB.

The all staff session on Wednesday 27 April (from 2 – 3pm) will be an opportunity for NCL colleagues to hear updates from Frances O’Callaghan about the new Executive Management Team and broader ICB transition updates, including when Executive Management changes will be implemented. Michelle Chadwick, Executive Director of HR Transition will also join this session to launch the formal 30-day consultation period on the transfer of staff from NCL CCG to NCL ICB on 1 July 2022.

All staff are encouraged to attend this session. The session will also be recorded and made available on the staff transfer consultation intranet page.

Regular Directorate staff briefings will be held a week later on Wednesday 4 May and will be an opportunity to ask questions of your Executive Director on the ICB transition updates and consultation process.

All information and key documents related to the consultation for the staff transfer from NCL CCG to NCL ICB can be found here. Following the launch briefing, all staff will receive an email on 27 April to confirm the launch of the consultation and a link to the staff transfer consultation intranet page.