Haringey care home showcasing the use of digital technology in transforming patient care

Staff and residents at Lorenco House, an assisted living development in Tottenham, have been featured in a video to demonstrate how digital technology is helping to transform patient care.

More than 100,000 care home residents across England have been supported to keep safe, well and out of hospital thanks to technology-enabled remote monitoring delivered by health and care staff.

The innovation is helping to improve clinical decision making, provide reassurance, and detect early signs of health deterioration among some of the most vulnerable in society, preventing harms like falls or emergency admissions to hospital.

Supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement funding, the roll-out of this work has been welcomed by care staff, nurses, GPs and residents across the country including at Lorenco House.

Resident Paul feels the technology is ‘revolutionary’ and hasn’t just helped with his health and wellbeing, but his confidence in using digital technology to enjoy and share activities like bird watching.

He’s supported by one of the 125 North Central London care providers now using technology-enabled remote-monitoring, and is one of 300,000 people across England supported with health and care needs in this way from the comfort of home.

The project is part of the national Innovation Collaborative for digital health, a shared learning network of health and care professionals, voluntary sector partners, academics and digital innovators working together to accelerate the use of digital technology in health and care.

You can watch the video here.