Free relationship counselling for health and social care staff

In demanding times, relationships of all kinds can come under pressure and have an impact on our wellbeing at home and at work. Free, confidential, flexible, online relationship counselling is now available for health and social care staff, to support you when your relationships come under stress.

This service, provided by Tavistock Relationships through the KeepingWell NCL staff wellbeing hub, offers an assessment and 3-5 free, online therapy sessions for couples or individuals. The sessions will focus on strengths in the relationships, to help couples or individuals recover and hold onto their resilience, and provide the space they may need to work through challenges and demands.

“I felt I was going around in circles with my partner and now I feel like we are moving forward. I feel acknowledged and heard due to having another person with us during challenging discussions.”

This service is confidential and all staff can register themselves directly. Click here to find out more and register for the service now.