Dates for Corporate Induction sessions for new starters

The new and revised NCL CCG Corporate Induction launched in February 2022.

The Corporate Induction will provide new starters with informative content and the opportunity to meet and network with key contacts across the CCG and beyond.

The sessions will run on a rolling monthly cycle, and will consist of 14 x 30 minute sessions.

Each session will be a brief introduction to the following topics:

  • Welcome, CCG Vision and Values
  • Welcome and Introduction from Director of Corporate Services
  • Borough
  • Quality and Safeguarding
  • Strategic Commissioning and the Commissioning Cycle
  • ICS Transition
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Equality, Diversity and Staff Networks
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Information Governance/Agile Working/Business Services
  • Governance, Risk and Decision Making
  • Counter Fraud
  • Trade Unions

As the sessions will be spread across the month, rather than one full day, staff will have the flexibility to attend based on their schedule.

The dates for these sessions in AprilMay, and June have been confirmed. Staff can book on to these sessions using the links on the Corporate Induction Programme page.