COVID-19 HR information

You will find all relevant HR-related information on this page. Please note, some of this information is under development, so please keep checking back.

You can find the full summary report from the 'Supporting staff through Covid-19' survey here.

To look after the health and wellbeing of staff, the CCG and other NHS organisations have put in place many programmes for staff. There are also offers and discounts from private companies. Please check our HR Factsheet on NHS Offers and Discounts for the latest offers and discounts.  

We have revised the process for staff to claim unsocial hours for COVID-19 related work. All staff and managers should now submit and approve all claims for unsocial hours from 01 May 2020 via the Workforce System.

Further information and guidance on unsocial hours working and payment arrangements, and guidance on submitting and approving claims via the Workforce System is available via the following factsheets:

We have developed a Demographic Health Staff Risk Assessment Framework to support the managers to identify and manage risks for all our staff, in particular those staff who potentially may be disproportionately affected by the COVID-19. Directors have been asked to work with their managers to roll out the risk assessment process to ensure that a risk assessment is undertaken with all staff via the pro-forma and in accordance with the guidance.  All completed risk assessments must be returned to HR as this will help us to support staff both now and in the future.