Camden office – internet issues

We are aware of the on-going issues regarding internet speed and access at the Camden office, 250 Euston Road.

Unfortunately the works carried out to transfer from our previous provider – Virgin, to our new provider –Telefonica are taking longer than excepted and as an interim measure we need to put an alternative in place.

Until this issue is resolved we have installed a 5G router for the office, unfortunately this does not have capacity to provide the speed and access required and this is because the more staff we have in the office, the slower the speed.

We hope to have this issue fixed by 19apologize April, and are aware that with the Easter break coming up, there will be a short week. However if there are any delays or if this is completed sooner than expected we will update staff again.

We would encourage staff, during this time, to work from home or from an alternative office (Laycock Street – Islington or North London Business Park – Barnet)

We apologise for the obvious inconvenience this has caused