How we work

Our formation a year ago was an exciting milestone in our journey towards an integrated health and care system. Through responding to the pandemic, we have seen the benefits of being able to operate as one North Central London organisation, retaining a strong focus on place.

Last summer we shared a slide deck that looked at our Operating Model and invited staff to feedback. Thank you once again to everyone who did feedback.

One thing that became clear was that this needed to be more than just a summary of our Operating Model, and that colleagues wanted to understand not only overarching principles, but also how they fit in. 

We have taken time to further develop this pack and the updated ‘Operating Model’ pack is now available to view and simply called: How We Work.

This pack provides an overview of how our organisation will function in 2021/22 to deliver our priorities. 

We would encourage all staff to take some time out over the next few weeks to read through and reflect on this. Please also feel free to discuss in team meetings – whether that be the pack as a whole or more specific sections.