Pay Progression

The CCG has developed a Pay Progression Policy which will be implemented from 1 April 2022. This policy applies to all NCL CCG employees on Agenda for Change terms and conditions of employment and has been ratified by staff side.

The policy has been developed in response to the following:

  • In 2018, the NHS Staff Council agreed to reform the NHS pay structure. Key changes included removal of pay band overlaps, fewer pay points and significant pay increases on average at each pay-step point.
  • Alongside this reform, a new national pay progression framework was introduced. This framework replaced the previous automatic annual increment progression to ensure that pay progression was underpinned by a mandatory annual appraisal process. The new framework also outlined the need for a manager and staff review process as a pre-cursor to any individual pay steps (or increments) being achieved. The CCG’s new policy sets out this process.
  • By establishing this link between pay and performance, the importance of good appraisals, line management and staff development will be strengthened allowing greater staff engagement and a tighter focus on the training and skills employees need to deliver high quality patient care.


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