Establishment Control Process (previously WAP)

The Establishment Control Process (ECP) supports workforce planning and financial processes, reflecting the staffing levels, skill mix and capabilities required to ensure that these are linked to the overall business planning cycle across the NCL footprint. In addition the ECP ensures:

  • Fairness and equity for all staff
  • That opportunities are identified for staff development
  • Strategic alignment and understanding of capacity and capability gaps affecting service delivery across the CCG
  • Effective analysis of any duplication across NCL CCG
  • Financial sustainability is supported
  • Key features of the ECP include:
    • Streamlined two-page forms
      • Form A – For recruitment to posts outside of the agreed Directorate establishment
      • Form B – For recruitment to posts within the agreed Directorate establishment
      • Form C – Changes to existing post holders e.g. extension to fixed term contracts, change in working hours etc
    • The forms contains mostly drop down options to make the process of completing the form much quicker and simpler to those completing the form and those checking the forms.
    • A new local Directorate, Finance and HR approvals process for Form B & C requests
    • Directorate ECP Champions
      • In order for the new ECP to operate effectively, ECP champions have been identified within each Directorate.

The ECP champions, HR and Finance will have access to a shared e-file system to log and maintain a central Establishment list for each Directorate.

This page contains all the information managers and staff need to know about the Establishment Control Process.

ECP guide on which form to use
ECP Champions
ECP Roles and Responsibilities
ECP Training

Dates and booking details are available from the Learning Hub page.