Your health and wellbeing


Due to the nature of our work we are acutely aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and having a good work/life balance. There are a number of schemes and activities available which support your health and wellbeing.

NCL CCG strives to ensure that staff are provided with an environment and opportunities that encourage and enable a healthy life both in the workplace and outside of it. We have therefore included information and options for staff on the three key areas: healthy body, healthy mind and healthy food.

The below initiatives can be accessed by all NCL CCG staff members. If you have any trouble accessing any of these, please contact

The Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) is a not for profit organisation, grant funded by the Cabinet Office, that supports the health and wellbeing of staff across the civil service and public sector by providing countless opportunities for members to pursue sporting, leisure and social interests; most often on a heavily subsidised basis. Membership is available to all public sector staff including contract and temporary staff and costs £4.50 per month. To find out more, visit the CSSC website for more information.

More information on the benefits of physical exercise can be found NHS Choices Benefits of exercise page.

If you would like help to stop smoking, staff are encouraged to visit the NHS stop smoking website where there is lots of free support and help available. Local borough councils also offer access to local borough services to support people to stop smoking (e.g. One You Haringey).

Cutting down on alcohol can bring some great rewards. Not only will it mean a reduced risk to your health, but you could lose weight, feel better, and have more time and cash to spend on doing other things. To find out more, please visit the Don't Bottle It Up website.

If you or a friend/family member have issues with drugs there are a wide range of services to support you to make the changes that you want. Further information can be found on NHS choices - Drugs.

Below are links to websites that offer advice, videos, and guides to help you feel mentally and emotionally better.

  • Scientific evidence points to five steps that we can take to improve our mental wellbeing. If you give them a try, you may feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from your life. More information can be found on NHS choices - Five steps to mental wellbeing.
  • Mindfulness can be a very effective way of reducing stress, enjoying life more and understand ourselves better. Follow this link to NHS Choices - Mindfulness - give it a try. 
  • Find some top tips for managing stress here.
  • The NHS website has lots of information and support for your mental health
  • Uplifting resources - Chosen by NHS staff for NHS staff: The Health Education England national NHS Knowledge and Library Services team has worked with the Reading Agency to crowd-source some uplifting resources. They have been chosen by NHS staff for NHS staff and are ideal for boosting your mood. The selection of digital resources which include apps, podcasts and other online resources can be accessed via the Knowledge and Library Services website. 

Having a balanced diet is key to our health and wellbeing. For more information visit NHS choices - Eating a balanced diet.

You can find all relevant HR and support-related information here.

Please note, some of this information is being frequently updated, so please keep checking back.

As part of the CCG’s Wellness Programme and to further support our staff, the CCG are introducing Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions (MHWCs). Our Champions will work closely with colleagues across the organisation who need advice and guidance on managing mental health. This support will be provided on an individual and confidential basis.

The MHWCs will have a key role in spotting the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and provide colleagues with a safe space to start a confidential conversation about their mental health and signpost them to the most appropriate support. The individuals who have been recruited as Champions will be announced soon.

If you have any questions about the Champions, please contact Courine Stewart: 

Our jobs often involve sitting at a desk using computers/ laptops for long periods. It is important that your workstation is set up properly to prevent discomfort and injury while at work. 

Visit our Workstation set-up support' for more guidance.